VIDEOVALORES aims to stimulate the creation of short films that explore possible scenarios of a better world through the knowledge and practice of universal values - such as tolerance, respect and responsibility.

VIDEOVALORES is a social film project created in 2015 by Mexican director Carolina Rivas and British filmmaker Daoud Sarhandi in collaboration with Obra Social "la Caixa" and with the participation of the Filmoteca of Catalonia, among other organisations and institutions in Spain.

In the first edition of the project, VIDEOVALORES comprised of film messages made by young, unemployed people living in Barcelona. These 23 young people between 18 and 35 (selected from a total of 75 candidates) were mostly without previous audio-visual experience. They came from various countries: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Iran, Mexico, Peru and Russia.

Students and teachers at the premier of VIDEOVALORES Barcelona
at the Filmoteca of Catalonia, Barcelona 2015

The participants were trained in audio-visual skills as well as ethics. They all created a VIDEOVALOR film without dialogue and with a duration of one to three minutes. In two cases directors created more than one VIDEOVALOR.

The VIDEOVALORES training programme aimed to awaken in them the expression of universal values, affirming their identity through a methodology of self-knowledge - a creative methodology developed by Carolina Rivas and elaborated in her book Film Step by Step: A Methodology of Self-knowledge.

Ethics awareness was taught by professors Victoria Camps and María Rosa Buxarrais, while film training and guidance was given by the filmmakers Carolina Rivas (director and writer) and Daoud Sarhandi (editor and cinematographer).

Professors Victoria Camps and María Rosa Buxxarias
Classes and workshops in Ethical Values, Barcelona 2015

The mission of VIDEOVALORES focuses on four main areas: 1) The combination of film education and ethics; 2) The visibility and the opportunity to share life experiences; 3) The opportunity to strengthen cultural ties between citizens of different origins and promote multicultural exchange, communication and cooperation; 4) Promoting the use of pocket cameras, or cellphones, as everyday tools of creative social intervention.

A second edition of VIDEOVALORES will work with five social organisations in Catalunya, each one producing a collaborative video dealing with the "values that unite" the people and the organisation they represent. Rivas and Sarhandi are also holding a screening of VIDEOVALORES in Argentina in May, and in Berlin on the 12th of May 2017, with a workshop to follow in Berlin in July. Berlin events will be hosted at SomoS Art House. In Berlin, five particpants will be refugees who will receiev sponsored places, with 15 students paying 650 Euros. A selection of applicants will be made to ensure group balance and diversity.

Sarhandi and Rivas declare:

"VIDEOVALORES is a call to awaken the creative giant that lives within us, and by using a simple camera letting us communicate a vital message to the world."